After Settling Snoop Dogg Feud, Iggy Azalea Goes Makeup-Free Again

Iggy Before the Fame
Watch Iggy Azalea's attempt at pop music before she was famous.
Proving that she won’t let Snoop Dogg’s insults let her down, Iggy Azalea once again went barefaced during a casual outing.

As the world learned in shock this week, being photographed while makeup-free makes someone an open target for Snoop Dogg’s decidedly unchill jokes (I had higher expectations for you, Snoop Lion).

Now that the beef has been settled with a much-deserved apology from Snoop’s end, Iggy was back in action at a nail salon in LA. And yes, she had no trace of makeup on. But no, that is not what anyone should take issue with.

My main concern here is: Iggy, why are you biting your nails right after you leave a nail salon? That crimson red mani looks fierce, and I’m genuinely worried about its lifespan. You do you girl, but preserve those freshly painted nailbeds! /end rant

Click on the gallery above to see all of Iggy’s barefaced photos!