Amanda Bynes Was ‘Cold’ and ‘Self-Conscious’ Says Former Co-Star Chelsea Brummet

Amanda Bynes’ former All That co-star, Chelsea Brummet, is revealing what it was like to work with her many years ago.

Brummet and Bynes worked on All That together from 2000 to 2002, when Amanda started What I Like About You. Brummet even appeared on What I Like About You with Bynes during the show’s first season. Speaking with Radar Online, Brummet recalls the troubled star as being “cold” and “always self-conscious.” Brummet also talks about Bynes’ relationship with her father, Rick Bynes

After showing some very bizarre behavior, Bynes is currently in the hospital being treated. One of the Bynes’ former co-stars is now speaking up about working with the actress. Brummet revealed, “I found her to be cold. I think, maybe she felt like, ‘Who are these people? This is MY legacy.'”

Brummet even revealed the star, “was always self-conscious.” When Bynes was, “on red carpets, if there was Lindsay Lohan or someone else, she would always look at herself and fix her hair. You could just tell she was self-conscious once her career started not being so great. I don’t think she liked not being in the spotlight and not being number one. I think she became so addicted to it, it became a lifestyle.”

The former All That actress also discussed Bynes’ father. Saying he, “was controlling from the stories I heard on set.” Brummet added, “She was always defiant with her dad, but she tried to hide things from her dad — she always seemed like she was trying to hide things.”

Apparently, Bynes’ dad didn’t approve of his daughter dating her The Amanda Show co-star Taran Killam, because of he was four years older. “But it didn’t stop her from dating him,” Brummet revealed.

It seems like Bynes and her father’s relationship has had its ups and downs. Just before entering treatment Bynes made some troubling allegations against her father, and then took back her statements. This story is just so sad.

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For those of you who were fans of The Amanda Show, today marks the show’s 15th anniversary. The show premiered on Oct. 16, 1999!