Ansel Elgort Shows Off Six-Pack in Sexy Shirtless Shoot

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Oh, Ansel
And now, a clip from 'The Fault in Our Stars.'
Ansel Elgortis only 20-years-old, but he’s already taken on the role as one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs.

The Fault in Our Stars actor recently posed shirtless for Hero Magazine, showing off his ripped abs and sexy physique in some mouth watering black and white photos.

He also opens up about fame and really getting to put his best foot forward in the acting world.

Shailene [Woodley] and me. We are so happy to be known for that because, as much as I think Divergent is a great movie, if I was only known for that I’d be like, ‘Wait until you see me really act.'”

Elgort will make his appearance as Caleb Prior (Woodley’s on-screen brother) in Insurgent, the second installment of the Divergent films.  Between the action franchise and Stars, he’s become a popular face in the public, still figuring out how to handle the major stardom.

“There’s 9 million people in the city every day—you almost never see the same person twice,” the New York City native explains. “That’s awesome. But that’s gone now. I don’t have that now, which is crazy. Kaitlyn Dever, who’s in this movie with me, we wanted to go grab an ice cream in L.A. and I realized that I can’t go get ice cream in Los Angeles, that’s not an option. I can’t do it. Even if only one person recognizes me, the whole shop, even if they don’t know who I am, wants pictures and autographs.”

Adam Sandler–a co-star in his most recently released film Men, Women & Children–for career advice.

“Good comics always say that to be funny you have to be truthful. Good comedy is about the truth,” Elgort explains. “And I suppose he’s really good at that, because he’s so truthful in this movie, in a really honest way.”

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