Not Even Jay Z Likes Beyoncé’s New Bangs

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Dear Beyoncé,

Yes, most of the time you are, indeed, ***flawless, but the verdict is in: you won’t find many supporters of your new ‘do. Not even your husband, Jay Z, appears to approve. And neither do the authors of today’s winning captions. (It’s OK; we forgive you your hair sins.)

“I’m not getting in that Damn elevator again b” – Danny

“don’t look at me, she didn’t care what i said ’bout those bangs.” – Veronica

“I got 99 problems and one is your hair” – Monica

“How do I tell her?” – Jacqueline

“I don’t even want to walk with her with that Damn…. bang… walk up bey. .. u just made yourself my 100th problem…. Lol…” – Ebony

“I got your back for life regardless of the hairstyle…” – Kendall

“”Please be a wig, please be a wig, please be a wig….” – Tey

“I’ll just let her walk infront of me.. with her ugly ass bangs lol” – Lily

“Really Bey? Walking around with those bangs like she’s back in the ‘Telephone’ video with Lady Gaga again” – Meghan 

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