Kesha’s Doctors Will Provide Evidence of Dr. Luke Sexual Abuse

Reports have gone back and forth as to whether Kesha made up the sexual abuse allegations against Dr. Luke in order to get out of her long-time contract with the producer… However, the singer’s doctors can allegedly provide evidence that supports her case.

While Dr. Luke continues to claim extortion and has filed a counter suit against the “Timber” songstress, her doctors from the rehabilitation program she entered for her easting disorder can supposedly provide proof the she’s not fabricating the claims.

Sources connected with the lawsuit tell TMZ Kesha first confessed the alleged assault incidents “spontaneously” to a medical team while she was undergoing treatment. The team kept the notes–which will now be used as evidence in the case–and urged her to stay away from Dr. Luke for her own safety, suggesting she might die if she doesn’t heed their warnings.

As for why Kesha never went to the police until now, the sources claim is due to a “Stockholm-type syndrome.” She had been so blinded by their longtime working relationship that she didn’t see she had the “free will” to expose the truth.

Of course Dr. Luke’s team is slamming the allegations saying, “That’s preposterous. Just because someone says something to a doctor doesn’t mean they weren’t fabricated or part of an overall pre-planned campaign.”

The rep adds, “Her statements are false. It is important to note that these are just the latest in a series of bizarre public statements and actions by Kesha and her mother over the years, including Kesha’s claim her vagina is ‘haunted,’ her drinking her own urine on her reality show, and her mother dressing up as a penis on the television show.”

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