Lady Gaga on Other Female Pop Stars, Feminism, Abuse in the Music Industry, and That Dancing Diva Kid

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Gaga opens up about her relationship with Taylor Kinney.
Lady Gaga, who recently released a jazz album, committed herself to boyfriend Taylor Kinney, launched a new perfume, and got a huge tattoo, continues to keep busy by sitting down for an insightful interview with Britain’s The Times.

In the interview, she spoke about her relationship with Kinney and also opened up about being compared to other pop stars, feminism, and the dark underbelly of life in the music industry.

Pop fans will find interesting what she had to say about fellow female pop stars like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry:

“I don’t think that I have anything to do with [Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry]. I don’t mean that in a mean-intentioned way. However, I take a lot of pride in my musicianship and in the integrity behind my work. And I wish for, in the future, especially with this Tony Bennett album, for people to really see that I am much more than what has now become perceived as a marketing plan.”

This remark echoes what she said earlier this year during her SXSW keynote speech when asked about constantly being compared to Perry.

Ever since Beyoncédeclared herself a feminist, every female pop sensation is asked about her gender politics. On feminism, Gaga had this to say:

“I’m certainly a feminist. A feminist to me is somebody that wishes to protect the integrity of women who are ambitious. A feminist in my opinion is somebody that regards that women have a strong intelligence and wisdom. That we are just as great as men — and some of us can be even better. I want to fight for the female performer, the female artist, the female musician. This is the type of feminist that I am: that women can be tremendous artists.”

With news that Kesha is suing producer Doctor Luke for sexual and physical abuse, Gaga’s comments on coming up in the music industry hit a chilling note. It is a subject she has touched on before — listen to her song “Swine” from last year’s ARTPOP or watch the “Marry the Night” video — but these remarks are especially timely:

“I experienced a lot. I had really awful experiences with men in the studio. Made me very uncomfortable. I didn’t feel like I was being cherished for my vocal talents, but [was] seen more as someone to take advantage of. It is very hard, this business. And there are a lot of sharks. And I wish to set a good example. That’s why I’m so honest about those things, ’cause I don’t want to give the impression that this was handed to me on a silver platter. It was certainly not like that.”

On a lighter note, Gaga recently tweeted about the kid who was recorded dancing like a badass diva during a news report:

Gaga apparently saw the video and thought the dance moves looked familiar:

The kid in question is 15-year-old Brendan Jordan, and, yes, he knows Gaga has seen it:

Congrats, kid! You got Mother Monster’s seal of approval!

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