Rita Ora Ultimately Just Wants to Find Love

Rita Disses Rob
Rita Ora denies ever dating Rob Kardashian.
Rita Ora looks fierce on the November cover of Teen Vogue, rocking her wet, blonde locks with a bronzed and radiant face.

The singer opened up to the magazine about her love life, her career and the craziness that comes with being a celebrity.

As with any celebrity the “Black Widow” songstress confesses fame isn’t always that easy for a young, up-and coming pop star.

“Without complaining, without being moany, because this is what I have wanted to do all my life, I think it’s that people may forget I’m just a 23-year-old girl who wants to be in love. And even though I live and breathe my job, I still want someone to want me. That’s how every girl feels.”

Ora just recently got out of a relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, who she’s not afraid to admit became a big influence in her music and her career.

During her interview with TV, she opened up about him saying, “I met this guy, and he just changed my life. He inspired me to make an album about love and dance around about it.”

Now, months after the two split up, she can’t help but question whether or not the breakup was the right move. “It’s like, Will I ever love someone as much as I loved that person?” And then she answers her own question: “You will. You won’t forget how you felt, but you will love someone else again.”

Meanwhile, Ora has been quite a busy woman, taking on multiple projects–like a nail polish line and being the face of Robert Cavalli’s fall campaign–but she always comes back to music being her priority.

She admits that people often doubt her musical capabilities, though. “When people come to my shows, they’re like, ‘I can’t believe you can actually freaking sing!'”

She adds, “I don’t blame them. I haven’t released an album in the States. All the hype is from what’s online. But I’m a musician before any of that. I’ve always been a musician.”

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