Shailene Woodley Teaches Jimmy Fallon Some Goth Dance Moves

Shailene's Phallic Gift
Shailene Woodley gives Jimmy Fallon a phallic herb.
Being the hippie she is, it’s not surprising that Shailene Woodley knows how to get groovy on the dance floor.

Taking a minute to step away from promoting clay-eating and vagina-tanning, the 22-year-old actress took some time to promote her upcoming movie White Bird in a Blizzard on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

In one scene of the movie, Woodley explains she was supposed to be attending a “goth nightclub” and had to learn specific dance moves to get it right.

Her director, Gregg Araki, sent her a few videos demonstrating what that means exactly.  So of course Woodley wanted to teach Fallon some of her favorites: “clearing the cobweb” and “stepping over the dead body.”

On the same theme of goth dancing, dead bodies and cobwebs, Fallon couldn’t let Woodley get away without getting a little scare on his show.  So in light of the Halloween season the duo played a game of “Pumpkin Time Bomb.”  With 190 rubber bands already wrapped around a pumpkin, the actress and comedian had to keep adding more until it finally blew up.   The result is actually pretty hilarious: