Why Kesha Finally Decided to File a Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

On Tuesday reports emerged that Kesha had filed a lawsuit against her longtime producer Dr. Luke for alleged sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

The filed claims that the mega-producer had abused the songstress for a span of 10 years, which has many people wondering what took Kesha so long to finally come forth with the news.

The “Timber” singer’s lawyer Mark Geragos told PEOPLE she didn’t feel ready to take any legal action until recently.

“She’s made efforts, [but] she is not a confrontational person,” he said. “The efforts were always met with psychological warfare, [predatory behavior] and things of that ilk. She finally got to a place where she is surrounded by people that are supportive enough that she felt like she could finally do it, and felt like she needed to do it. She just couldn’t go on this way. Getting out of the contract is really secondary to extricating herself from his control.”

But is Kesha in the right place emotionally to take on such a public case?  After all, she only recently left a rehabilitation program for an eating disorder.

“I have spent quite a bit of time with her recently and I would say her mindset is as good as I have seen it,” said Geragos. “Obviously nobody wants to get embroiled in litigation and making things public like this, but she understands she has to take a stand. I applaud her bravery for speaking to a broader societal issue of domestic violence. This speaks to an untold story in this industry and society at large.”

He continues, saying he believes this alleged abuse happens a lot in the industry.

“It’s emblematic of what happens in this industry,” he said. “You get these guys who end up preying on these young women, tying them up in contracts and in their power plays, and then literally being predators. [Dr. Luke] is nothing but a predator.”

Dr. Luke continues to deny any of the allegations, saying Kesha using the lies as a means out of her contract.

No matter, Geragos is sticking to his guns and says both he and Kesha are “prepared to fight until [Dr. Luke] agrees to get out of her life once and for all.”