Body of Missing Actress Misty Upham Found in Ravine, Cause of Death Unknown

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Actress Misty Upham, who had been missing since October 5, has been confirmed as dead after her body was discovered in an embankment yesterday.

The heartbreaking news comes as the result of a search party initiated this week by the 32-year-old’ uncle. Police found a body at the bottom of a 150-ft ravine in Washington state, whose identity was confirmed by Misty’s father.

While the cause of death is still unknown, it appears that the August: Osage County and Django Unchained actress had been under severe distress leading up to her disappearance. Her father Charles Upham revealed earlier that Misty had not been taking her bipolar disorder medication, leaving her prone to depression and panic attacks.

It has been further reported that police have responded to four suicide calls at her apartment over the past year.

However, Charles Upham believes that suicide was not the cause of death: “The family has stated that, after seeing the body, they still do not feel that Misty Upham committed suicide,” claims The Hollywood Reporter.

Compounding the tragedy of Misty Upham’s death is her family’s anger with local authorities. Stated a family friend:

First and foremost, the family wants everyone to know that the Auburn police did not help with this situation at all. They refused to help. When she disappeared on Oct. 5, the family knew something was seriously wrong – it was out of character for her to be gone so long without being in touch – and they repeatedly went to the police, who insisted there was no cause for concern.

We send our condolences to Misty Upham’s loved ones during this extremely difficult time.

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