Duchess Camilla Is All, Like, ‘Mmm, Wine!’

It is almost the weekend, and therefore we are all Camilla Parker Bowles; we are, like, “Mmm, wine!” Please bring us the wine so that we may enjoy it as we read today’s winning captions!

“Awh, yes I know you are jealous of my turquoise wings! And not to mention my bracelet that doesn’t match my earrings!!!” – Jennifer

“Uhh yes..another toast..hold on you can do it..in another minute I can unscrew my smile.” - Amanda

“Cheers to me” - Diane

“Cheers, the wicked queen is dead!! Oh shit, not yet?! Ok, just cheers, all hail the queen!!” – Erika

“Cheers to ugly people!” – Chinyere

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