Dane Cook Admits to Very Slutty Past, Recalls Dumbest Thing Jessica Simpson Said

Dane Cook Shirtless
Dane shows off his ripped torso on the beach.
Comedian (still up for debate) Dane Cook revealed he slept with about 100 groupies while guesting on Watch What Happens Live last night (October 16, 2014),

While playing Plead the Fifth, Cook also talked about his worst on-screen kiss was with and the dumbest thing Jessica Simpson ever said to him.

Cook said Simpson’s blondest moment came while they were filming their 2006 comedy, Employee of the Month.

“She said one day, ‘Are we making a movie?’ That was kind of dumb,” Cook said, laughing.

When asked about how many groupies he’d slept with, he replied: “In my younger days, I would say a few hundred.”

He was also quizzed about his worst on-screen kiss.

Kate Hudson,” Cook said, referring to their 2008 rom-com, My Best Friend’s Girl. “I think she purposefully ate like a feast of onions before the scene. I had to burn her on that one.”

Watch the interview below.

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo