Iggy Azalea Is “Excited” to Take Alleged Her “Husband” to Court Over Divorce Case

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Iggy Sues Ex
Find out why Iggy Azalea is suing her sex tape partner.
It’s a good thing Iggy Azalea is featured on a song called “Problem,” because the rapper is sure facing a lot of those these days. Aside from her label allowing magazines to use her half-naked photos without consent and her highly-publicized feud with Snoop Dogg, the Australian emcee is also in the process of a nasty “divorce” with a guy she didn’t even know she was married to.

Taking to Twitter, Azalea opens up about her impending legal battle with Hefe Wine, an ex-boyfriend who attempted to sell her sex tape before filing for divorce from their “common-law marriage.”

Azalea, who is also suing Wine for stealing her music, tweets:

Azalea also voices her support for Wine’s ex, Annette Buitrago, who was allegedly attacked by Wine in January when she ended their relationship earlier this year.

Buitrago, the mother of Wine’s three-year-old son, accused the rapper of “headbutting” and attempting to strangle her. Wine was slapped with assault charges in September.

According to Texas law, a common-law marriage constitutes as when “a man and a woman who live together for any length of time are considered legally married if they agree to be married and hold themselves out to others as husband and wife.” Wine, under this  criteria, is claiming that he is married to Azalea when they lived together from 2008 to 2013.

Azalea’s team counterclaims that there was never a marriage agreement between the two parties.

God speed, Iggy.