Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly Bought Her BFF a $4,500 French Bulldog

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As if we need another incentive to befriend Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games actress has just bought her BFF Laura Simpson — you know, the one that she took the Oscars — a dog.

J.Law and Simpson found the French Bulldog puppy online and visited the private seller in Thousand Oaks, Calif., on Thursday, reports E! News. According to the website, Lawrence brought along her own dog, Pippi, to play with her friend’s new pet before making the big purchase.

Jealous? Well, you should be because that small pup reportedly cost Lawrence a whopping $4,500.

laura simpson french bulldog

Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF, Laura Simpson, with her French Bulldog. [Twitter]

Help a sister out, Jen. I’m on the market for a husky.