Russell Brand vs. Donald Trump: the Ridiculous Twitter Feud Over Katy Perry

Katy & Russell's PDA
A look back at the couple's happier times.
For reasons unknown, Cheeto-hued entrepreneur Donald Trump decided to engage in a Twitter feud with comedian Russell Brand yesterday.

Trump went straight for the jugular in his random attack, calling Russell a “loser” and even bringing Katy Perry into the fight.

It all started after the Donald watched Russell Brand’s appearance on a late night show. Let’s just say that he wasn’t impressed.

In true form, Russell Brand responded to the unprovoked tweets with his trademark vicious humor.

He then tweeted this beautifully executed insult, which provides a link to an Atlantic piece with the headline: “In Financial Circles, It’s Pretty Well Known That Trump Is a Deadbeat.” Ouch.

Never one to back down from a petty argument, Donald decided to bring Russell’s ex-wife Katy Perry back into the mix. Maybe he was hoping for some backup?

Unfortunately, thus concludes the virtual feud (for now). Although neither party has stepped down or apologized yet, I will preemptively declare Russell Brand to be the winner – seriously, that final jab was perfectly restrained yet biting. A solid A+ in effective Twitter shade.

Who do you think emerged victorious this Twitter battle: Donald Trump or Russell Brand? Let us know in the comments below!