From High-End to Low-End: Get Kate Beckinsale’s Travel Savvy Style for Less

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Remember in the olden days when our parents and grandparents would dress up when flying? It was such a big deal to travel back then and picking the right attire was almost as important as making the flight!

Personally, I’m a big fan of the old-school motto of dressing your best when traveling–it always helps my trips start off on the right food. However, comfort must also be taken into consideration, especially for those longer flights.

So for today’s edition of High-End, Low-End, I’m taking some inspiration from one of my favorite fashionistas Kate Beckinsale and her travel savvy style!

The actress was spotted leaving the airport earlier this week, rocking a pair of loose-fitted trousers with a white blazer, accessorizing the look with a scarf to keep warm (and cover your mouth and nose when people sneeze on the plan!), a pair of dark sunnies to hide tired eyes and some bright pink heels to add a pop of color and a hint of fun to the overall business-y style.

I love how she managed to pull off a comfortably chic style just by adding a few key pieces (like the heels and the scarf)… And my favorite part is that we can easily replicate this style for a lot less. Check it out:

Kate’s Look

Look for Less

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