Watch: Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon Go Head-to-Head in a Game of “Egg Russian Roulette”

Watch Bradley Cooper, in action, in his newest movie.
Because there is never a reason to not watch Bradley Cooper smash raw eggs on his forehead, we gladly present to you a video of epic proportions…that features Bradley Cooper smashing raw eggs on his forehead.

Thankfully for us, Jimmy Fallon knows what the people want and he gives it to them often.

In this latest duel against one of his guests, which he played several months ago with a very smashing David Beckham, Fallon forced The Elephant Man star to get all kinds of dirty on Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show. The game plays just like the very dangerous Russian Roulette, except the firearms have been replaced with a random mixture of hard-boiled and raw eggs.

No spoilers here though, as you’ve got to watch the video below to find out who came out victorious.

On behalf of America, we thank you Jimmy. Keep up the good work.