FKA twigs Turns Google Glass Into Art

FKA Twigs Slams Racists
FKA Twigs has a message for those racist haters.
Leave it up to FKA twigs and her talented self to turn Google Glass into a piece of artwork.

The 26-year-old songstress released a self-directed short film titled #throughglass using tweaked versions of “Video Girl” (from her recently released new album LP1) and unreleased track “Glass & Patron.”

The short film shows twigs’ using the Glass to play her own music and show off some of her highly-acclaimed choreography.  Then we see her toggling through other dance styles, watching as her lookalikes compete against against each other and leave her feeling overwhelmed.

The overall video appears to be create a theme around technology and our minds, looking into the affects of tech and how it influences identity.

The singer herself, who has been romantically linked to Robert Pattinson lately, has struggled with identity through social media, facing racism following the publicity surrounding her high-profile relationship.

However, she overcame the hatred with class and continues thriving in both her relationship as well as her career.

Watch her new short film #throughglass by launching the video above.