Katy Perry’s Birthday Wish is Granted And You’ll Never Believe What It Is

Katy's Blue Styles
Katy Perry is feeling (fashionably) blue!
Katy Perry’s 30th birthday is right around the corner (Oct. 25th)… But what does someone like her–who has everything she could want in the world–wish for on such a milestone birthday?


We all know what a huge pizza fan Katy is thanks to her ever-growing pizza couture she’s constantly rocking.  So, of course, she wants a pizza party for her big day.  But not just any pizza party–She wants her name on one of the most famous pizza places in the United States!


The 29-year-old songstress took to Twitter to express her No. 1 birthday wish to all her followers: her name on the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor sign on Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Turns out, less than a day later, one of her best friends granted her wish…

Katy took to Instagram to share what the gift and what she considers a “dream come true.”

The caption reads, “KICKING OFF BIRTHDAY WEEK RIGHT! This signage is a bucket list dream come true!!! SHOUT OUT TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS FOR KILLING THE GIFT GAME @rivfifi.”

Not only that, but the restaurant chain tells TMZ they plan on changing all of their signs in California to a birthday message for Katy and even hope to name one of their famous pies after the singer… LOL!

As cool as that is, I’m sure Katy will be ringing in her dirty 30 with many more exciting surprises, but this is definitely an awesome way to kick things off!