Watch: Lena Dunham Talks Getting Naked, Being Mistaken for a Prostitute on ‘Ellen’

Lena Talks Love
Lena Dunham opens up about her love life.
Lena Dunham isn’t afraid of getting naked.

The actress appears on The Ellen DeGeneres show today, Oct. 20. On the show, Dunhan talks to host, Ellen DeGeneres, about getting naked for her show, Girls. Dunham also discusses her fear of driving, that fear has even lead to her being mistaken for a prostitute a few times! Find out how in the video!

While many people might be shy about getting naked, Dunham doesn’t have a problem with it. She revealed to Ellen that it’s just not her, “particular zone of terror.” So, what things would Dunham be terrified to do? She told the host, “Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, or go to a CrossFit gym, or talk to Charlie Sheen.” LOL.

Dunham also talked to the host about her fear of driving. Living in New York City, Dunham has no need for a driver’s license, but earlier in her career in the entertainment industry, she moved to Los Angeles for six months.

When she first moved to LA, Dunham didn’t have a license, because she grew up in NYC. That became a problem for Dunham, trying to get around town. She explained, “This was pre-Uber, so I was basically like standing by the side of the road with a thumb out, like it was, I mean, I was mistaken for a prostitute twice.” Ha!

After that experience, Dunham decided to take driving lessons. Find out how those driving lessons went in the video above! After you watch the video, let us know what you think! What are you most fearful of? Sound off in the comments!

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