This May Be Jaden Smith’s Unrequited Love Letter to Kylie Jenner

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Jaden In Bed
Jaden Smith poses with Kylie Jenner.
Jaden's Breakup Song
Is this Jaden Smith music video about Kylie Jenner?
Like all emo teenagers, Jaden Smith is having problems with telling his crush how he feels. Fortunately for the celebrity spawn of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, he can now express his true emotions by hiring out a film crew and making a music video about the whole thing. Enter this little clip for “Blue Ocean.”

With vocals by Willow Smith and directed by his sister’s infamous bedfellow Moises Arias, Jaden’s new music video stars none other than his BFF and rumored ex, Kylie Jenner. Plastered with cliche hipster imagery such as crudely-drawn triangles and scenes shot on 8mm film, the footage features Kylie — who is said to be dating rapper Tyga — hugging Jaden before planting a kiss on his cheek.

And if that isn’t enough teenage drama for you, Jaden’s lyrics also sound awfully like they were inspired by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet. Here are just some sample verses:

  • “I hope your man doesn’t get jealous.”
  • “She’s going to try to kiss you, Jaden. Well, I’ll suffocate if she tries. And I’ll hold her tight if she cries.”
  • I met a girl at Coachella. I like her but I couldn’t tell her because she has her own fella.”

To drive this thing home, Jaden also shows a collage of photos taken from various Kardashian hangouts — North West‘s Kidchella party, anyone? — at the end of his video. Ugh. So deep, bro.

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