Sarah Hyland Breaks Silence After Getting Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend Matt Prokop

Sarah Hyland Loves Adele
Sarah says Adele's song saved her life!
Sarah Hyland is speaking out for the first time since getting a restraining order against her ex boyfriend, Matt Prokop.

The 23-year-old actress appeared on Good Morning America this morning to talk about Modern Family and pet adoption. Hyland even brought her dog, Barkley Bixby. At the end of the interview, host Lara Spencer asks Hyland about the restraining order ordeal. Hyland’s response? A smile and a simple, “I’m great.”

We told you last month, Hyland first received a temporary restraining order from her boyfriend of four years, Prokop. He had allegedly been verbally and physically abusive to Hyland and her dog. Hyland was just recently granted a three year restraining order against Prokop. He has to stay at least 100 yards away from Hyland and her dog.

On GMA, Hyland looked beautiful and showed no signs of stress during the interview. But, you could tell she didn’t want to discuss the matter when it was brought up at the end. Only revealing saying, “I’m great. I’m working on Modern Family and I’m spreading awareness for adoption and cleaning up your pets.”

We’re glad she’s not letting the situation get her down! Good for her! Check out the video below!

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