Stephen Collins Update: Molestation Victim Will Not Sue

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Just two weeks ago Stephen Collins‘ disturbing confession tape hit the media and revealed he had exposed himself and molested three young girls… But despite the horrifying admittance, the actor has gotten off easy.

Not only will he not be prosecuted due to statute of limitation laws and the length of time that has passed since the crimes took place, but the victim who came forth and admitted to being molested by the 7th Heaven actor says she will not sue him.

The woman, who is now in her 50s, tells TMZ she is not planning on suing Collins civilly because she’s not after his money.  Rather, she hopes her courage in coming forth with the news will help other victims do the same–especially Collin’s victims.

If other, more recent victims come forth with their stories, Collins could potentially still be prosecuted.

For now, however, officials at three different agencies who are investigating the molestations crimes say they cannot have him prosecuted because the cases are too old… Thus, Collins–who has confessed to three different cases of sexual assault–is walking away, unscathed (for now).