Amber Rose to Wiz Khalifa: I “Still Love You No Matter What”

Amber Accuses Whiz
Amber Rose accuses Wiz Khalifa of cheating.
Despite catching him cheating and filing for divorce, Amber Rose still has a soft spot for Wiz Khalifa.

The model, who celebrated her 31st birthday Tuesday, showed some love to her ex on Twitter. Responding to a message from the rapper wishing her a happy birthday, the mom-of-one wrote:

While divorce is almost always a complicated matter, Rose’s tweet may have made it even more so given the fact that Khalifa, 27, is the man who also allegedly cheated on his wife with twin sisters then made a song about how girls are supposed to “fuck him like a star” that he is. Come on, girl.

Previously, Rose spoke about “the pain” she felt in ending her marriage one-year marriage, tweeting that “the mornings are especially hard.”

Rose has since been spotted out with Gene Simmons’ 25-year-old son, though he claims that the two of them are “just friends” and not dating.

As for Khalifa? Well, he’s apparently moved on too.