Attention Bill Murray Fans: He Knows About Tinder

Bill Crashes Party
Bill Murray crashed some bro's bachelor party!
In case you didn’t know, Bill Murray has been a single man since 2008, when he finalized his divorce from his second wife.

Naturally, Jimmy Kimmel asked the question some of us have been dying to ask Mr. Murray: is he on Tinder?

“I know about Tinder,” the 64-year-old actor said on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday.

“I knew it became very popular at the Olympics. It was like, ‘Hi I’m very fit and I’m an Olympic athlete.’”

But because Bill Murray is pretty much the coolest guy ever, Bill Murray doesn’t need a dating app like Tinder.

“I feel like I’ve lived that life and I can live that life any moment,” he told Kimmel, before proceeding to pick up a photographer in the studio.

There’s something about they way Bill Murray says “No you, come here” that makes some of us weak at the knees, no?

Watch it all go down, above.

Murray’s new film St. Vincent opens in theaters Oct. 24.