In Which Kim Kardashian Admires Bruce Jenner’s Fabulous Ponytail

And it’s not just Kim Kardashian who can’t stop looking at Bruce Jenner’s ponytail; it’s all of us. Tear your eyes away, if you can, and enjoy today’s winning captions.

“That f*cking ponytail!” – Monica

“Bruce:Hey Ray j.

KIM:OH FUK” – Shandy

“Ugh bruce what is up with your pony tail!? Well kimmy.. its how I rock things just like how I rocked your moms best friend. Hahah” – Morgan

“Kim doesn’t know I’m wearing her thong” – Andrea

“Kim: I wonder if steven segal wants his ponytail back.!

Bruce: Don’t be mad I look gud bitch*” – Bridgett

“Bruce: Pretty bitches in the front, basic bitches in the back!!!!!” – Brittany

“Really Bruce? Why don’t you go see Beyonce’s hairstylist. I hear he does wonders with hair.” – Meghan

“I wish I had a pair of scissors” – Casey

“Kim: note to self: get leg surgery to look taller.” – Gianna

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