WATCH: Hugh Jackman Strips Down and Flexes His Abs on Live TV

Hugh Goes Bald
Hugh Jackman shaves his head.
Hugh Jackman is sexy and he totally knows it.

Case in point: The 46-year-old actor was totally cool partaking in a little strip tease game called “Hugh In or Hugh Out” on Live With Kelly and Michael Wednesday morning where he promptly began undressing on live TV–no hesitations!

The game rules went as follows: For each incorrect answer he made, he had to remove an article of clothing.  After getting rid of his shoes, his jacket and his socks, we got to the interesting part: he began taking off his short, just enough to give us a good long look at his chiseled abs.

But it was all trickery! As the TV show is G-rated, the segment was cut short before things got too out of hand for all those sick little children who were watching at home.

Don’t be sad though.  I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll see Jackman get down and dirty… After all, earlier this month he provided us with a video of himself grabbing his you-know-what

Watch his full strip tease in the video above!