Watch: Justin Bieber Creepily Hits on Female Pedestrian From His Car

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With street harassment being a hot-button topic these days, you’d think someone as famous as Justin Bieber would think twice before attempting to hit on a random female stranger on the sidewalk. Well, apparently not.

The “Baby” singer proves that he isn’t so much concerned with creating a public safe space when he attempts to pick-up a passerby this week. In a recently-surfaced video shot on Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive, Bieber, sitting in the backseat of a chauffeured Rolls-Royce, rolls down his window when he catches a glimpse of model Jacqueline Younis down the street and calls her over for a chat.

Younis, who is in the middle of a photo shoot for Festoun clothing, obliges and Bieber tells her that she looks likes “Princess Jasmine” before asking to take a photo with her. Yes, this means a man-child thinks it’s perfectly fine to stop his car and interrupt a random stranger’s workday to take a picture of her simply because he thinks she looks like someone from Aladdin.

“@justinbieber body guard stopped my photo shoot [email protected]@justinbieber wanted to meet me,” Younis later writes on her Instagram.

Am I the only one who thinks this is slightly creepy? Maybe Biebs here needs a little crash course on how this doesn’t really fly in this day and age.