Kendra Wilkinson ‘More On Hank’s Team’ Now, Thinks Tapes Were a ‘Straight Set Up’

Kendra Wilkinson may end up giving Hank Baskett a second chance as she’s starting to believe all the stories surrounding his alleged affair are “set up” and fake.

The 29-year-old reality star co-hosted E! News on Wednesday night and opened up about the struggles she’s currently facing in her relationship and whether or not she’ll end up leaving her husband.

Kendra wanted to clarify right from the start, “Well, there is a little bit of a time difference between what your seeing on my show right now versus now,” likely talking about the latest preview of Kendra On Top, which shows her cursing at Hank and accusing him of having a “transsexual fetish.”

But that doesn’t depict where they currently stand.  Right now, she’s still unsure what she wants.  “I’m not making a rash decision in a divorce or staying with him.  I’m just trying to let things happen naturally and play out a little longer.”

She also revealed, “I found myself in a position where it came down to literally a signature for the divorce to go through, and something held me back–something a little bit more powerful pulled me away from doing that and the power I believe is my heart.”

So how will those leaked tapes that allegedly prove Hank cheated affect her decision? They won’t.

“When I was listening to the tape, I actually didn’t even care. It was nothing,” She adds. “It didn’t do anything. It didn’t make anything worse. It was just recycled crap.”

In fact, she even admits to believing the whole thing has been a big Hollywood setup.

“It was premeditated… It was a set up! I feel like celebrities right now have a big target on their heads and blackmail is to follow.”

She continues, “If anybody’s listening to this and thinking, ‘Oh, he’s guilty,’ I’m like, ‘Who’s the one guilty? The one that’s setting up this blackmail!'” She exclaimed, “That’s the one who should be in jail right now.”

Watch her full interview in the video above.