Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Want to Raise Baby Outside of Los Angeles

It sounds like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds don’t want to raise their child in Los Angeles.

The couple just announced they’re expecting their first child, and recently made an appearance together on the red carpet. Now, the couple is talking about raising their child away from the spotlight. Plus, they’re even talking about having another baby ASAP! Get all of the details below!

Though Lively herself grew up in Los Angeles, the gorgeous parents-to-be are thinking about raising their child away from the city. A source told E!, “They both have talked a lot about raising the baby out of L.A. and giving their kids a normal childhood. Playing outside, having a puppy, catching lightning bugs..they want their kids to experience all of that.”

Back in 2012, the couple bought a house in Upstate New York. That would be a great place to raise their kids!

Though she hasn’t given birth yet, Lively’s already thinking about having another child. The source explained, “They are so excited they are having a baby and are happy Blake’s had a pretty easy pregnancy. So easy that she’s saying she wants to get pregnant really soon after she pops this baby out!” Wow! That’s going to be one beautiful family!

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