Bulge Grabbing Expert Nick Jonas Plays ‘Guess the Bulge’

Nick Jonas Flaunt Pics
More pics from Nick Jonas' hot Flaunt shoot.
Nick Jonas knows his celebrity bulges.

Nick was shown a series of bulges and had to pick which celebrity they belonged to. Sugarscape made Nick play a game of “Guess the Bulge.”

He was first shown a pic of himself which he got correct, but a few bulges stumped him, including Liam Payne, Harry Styles and 5SOSAshton Irwin.

He did guess Zac Efron’s bulge correctly, but he did get a clue. However, his reaction to Justin Bieber’s bulge was the most brilliant.

“This looks ridiculous,” he remarked in response to how low Bieber’s pants were. “Justin. That’s a clean give-away. Only one person in the world would look that ridiculous.”

Watch Nick play “Guess the Bulge” below.