Instant Follow Friday: His Royal Highness Lord Disick

Kourtney & Scott
$2.5 million bugatti and a date
Scott Loves Burger King
Scott Disick spends $205 at burger!
Thank the lord that it’s Instant Follow Friday – and by “lord”, we mean none other than Lord Scott Disick. Whether you know him by Lord Disick or not, Scott’s Instagram is one of the funniest celebrity Instagram accounts to ever exist and shows that he’s a family man with Kourtney Kardashian first, and a charismatic man about the town second.

You can learn a lot about what Scott loves from his Instagram, including the following, in no particular order:

Khloé Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian and family.

Flashy cars.

More cars.

Taking sixth month vacations, twice a year, every year.

Private planes, yachts, helicopters, et cetera.

Designer watches, suits, shoes, sunglasses, et cetera.

Cold hard cash and gold.

Memes of himself and/or calling out his haters.

Being The Lord.

To say that Lord Disick’s Instagram is tongue-in-cheek is an understatement. It’s no secret that Scott himself knows his level of extravagance is over-the-top. Regardless, a Lord of laughter and tears, he’s unabashed about his Kardashian lifestyle and his posts never fail to make one simultaneously chuckle and cry a little bit on the inside.

Although he’s not a “Kardashian” by name, he was voted Buzzfeed’s second favorite Kardashian (Khloé was obviously first with Kris in last place at 0%). That seems like a pretty good indication for you to be keeping up with the Lord if you’re not already.

Above all, what makes Lord Disick’s Instagram account so humorous is that we’re all still kind of wondering: Why is this guy filthy rich in the first place?!

Check out the gallery above for some of Scott’s best Instagram moments.

You can indulge in Scott Disick’s hyper-aware, exuberant lifestyle and all things Kardashian on his Instagram here or on Twitter @ScottDisick