Ryan Cabrera Talks New Music, Dream Collaborations & His Ryan Gosling Tattoo

RyGos + Cereal
Remember this meme involving Ryan Gosling and him refusing cereal?
Ryan Cabrera is back with new music!

His latest single “House on Fire” just hit iTunes and he’s gearing up for the release of a new album in 2015. We were lucky enough to talk to Cabrera about his new music, his dream collaborations, and his Ryan Gosling tattoo! Check out the interview below to get all of the details!

Cabrera’s definitely bringing fans a great, fun sound with, “House on Fire.” When asked what inspired this new song, Cabrera revealed, “It’s a song about being in the moment, not really always worrying about what’s happening next. It’s really just enjoying your time if you have it, and for me, about the person I was with at the time. And just, you know, going at life with a positive attitude and having a good time, and not judging people. You know, in the bridge it’s talking about calling all different kinds of people to all unite and just love each other and love life, and live it on fire.”

This new song is one that you can really dance to, it’s very upbeat. When we asked if that was something he wanted with this new song Cabrera revealed, “Yeah, pretty much whenever we’re in the studio I tell Justin Grey, the producer, I was like, ‘Justin I want the song to make me want to party.’ And he looks back and he’s like, ‘Does it make you want to party yet?’ And I’m like, ‘Not yet. No, no, no, no.’ And then we keep going and then at some point we did a newer version of it and I was like, ‘Alright that makes me want to party. Now we’re good.’”

As far as collaborations go, there’s one person in particular that Cabrera would like to work with. “I think right now I really love what Ed Sheeran is doing,” Cabera told us. “I think he opened up a great window for singer-songwriters again to mainstream radio. Whereas three or four years ago there was really no acoustic singer-songwriters on the radio, there wasn’t really a spot for that because everything turned so rhythmic. I think he kind of again opened up what a lot of us were doing in 2004 and 2006 to radio. So I think he did a really great job opening that door to a lot of us who continue to write that kind of music.”

Cabrera’s been a part of some great reality shows like The Ashlee Simpson Show and The Hills. Would he ever do another reality show? “No,” Cabrera revealed. “The way it is now is so different from when me and Ash (Ashlee Simpson) had our show, or her show, the first one way back in the day. It was actually in real life, like that was, the cameras just followed us. They just did whatever we did and we got to be ourselves, so that was actually fun. But nowadays people the reality shows have gotten so scripted and everyone just wants drama, drama, drama and that’s not really what I’m about. So, because of that, no, not really, unless it was a music show of some sorts or based around music because that’s really all that we’re about.”

So, does he still keep in-touch with his ex, Simpson? He does! Cabrera revealed, “I saw her last week.”

Last year, Cabrera made headlines after getting a Ryan Gosling tattoo. So, does he still have it? “Of course,” he told us. What inspired that tattoo? Cabrera revealed, “Me and a buddy played a game called tattoo roulette where we go into a tattoo place and we’re blindfolded and we chose each other’s tattoos. This one was, because I got him so bad the first time we played, he didn’t want to play with me the second time. So I said, ‘If you play with me, I’ll get the exact same thing.’ So we blindfolded him and unveiled Ryan Gosling, so I had to too.”

You can buy Cabrera’s new “House on Fire” song on iTunes HERE!

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