Sam Smith Talks Heartbreak, Marriage and Kids in ‘Teen Vogue’

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I’m going to start this off on a very honest level:  Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” still makes me cry whenever I hear it on the radio.

I used to be really embarrassed by that, but after reading his interview in Teen Vogue, I now understand why his songs are so moving: they’re raw, organic and truly all him.

So how does someone who’s experienced such heartbreak move forward?  Is there still a chance for love?

For Smith, yes.  He has a vision for his happy ending, and he’s sticking to it.

“The idea of having a house, a kid, a husband, and a dog…I love that,” he gushes in the November issue of the magazine. “I also really want to open a coffee and flower shop one day, probably in Italy.” For Sam, his ideal future is as much about being ordinary as it is about being famous: “Just because you’re selling out shows doesn’t mean you deserve better treatment than the person next door.”

However, it obviously hasn’t been a walk in the park for the singer who also opened up about unrequited love we hear throughout his debut album In the Lonely Hour.

“I fell in love with someone last year, and he didn’t love me back,” Sam reveals. “I deleted him off of WhatsApp, and it felt like I’d just broken up with him. On the record you can hear heartbreak, and there’s a beauty in that I will always treasure.”

And that’s a real story you can hear not only on his record, but in his performance as well.

“I stand onstage and I wanna cry for the entire thing because people know my business. You all know me,” he insists. “You can read as many interviews as you want, but if you put on my record, I’m telling you, that is me.”

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