WATCH: Grandparents React to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’

Nicki Minaj is here to teach you how to twerk it.
I always feel really lucky that my Grandma doesn’t have the internet nor does she have a phone on which she can access the internet. (She still has a flip phone and her idea of Google is her daily newspaper.)  I fear that if she could see what’s going on in the internet world, watching YouTube videos all day and scrolling Instagram, she’d have a heart attack and that would be that…

Luckily that’s not an issue for me.  However, I do wonder what she would say if she watched some of these new, record-breaking music videos–You know, like, Anaconda for example.

Wellp, thanks to the latest episode of Elders React, we ALL can see how our grandmas and grandpas would respond to watching Nicki Minaj shake her “big, fat ass” in a thong.

There are lots of eyebrows raising, mouths dropping and even a “oh, that’s nice” comment… But mostly, grams and gramps just can’t seem to understand how or why things got so risque in the music industry–and especially how Minaj’s butt got so big?!

Launch the video above to see their reactions for yourself and have a nice little giggle on this Friday afternoon.