Watch: ‘Ouija’ Cast Talk Creepy Set, Share Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time

Scary Hollywood
These celebs all got there start in horror movies.
When you’re filming a movie called Ouija there’s bound to be some creepy occurrences on set.

The cast of the film sat down with Celebuzz to talk about the movie and shared some creepy incidents that happened on the set.

Olivia Cooke, Daren Kagasoff and Shelley Hennig kept a brave face while filming the horror movie but even they weren’t immune to a little paranoia on set.  

“There was one instance when we were in Shelley’s characters bedroom and there was the ouija board,” Olivia explained.  “There was banging upstairs so they got a PA to go up and tell the men to hold the work.  She came back down and said there was no one up there.”

Olivia wasn’t the only one who found the old house, where the movie was shot, a little creepy.  “Even just looking at it was quiet creepy and it was oddly cold for Los Angeles too,” Shelley described.

It wasn’t all serious on set however, the cast also filled us in on some inside jokes and picked their favorite horror movies of all time.

Watch the video above and below to see more of our interview with Olivia, Shelley and Daren.  Make sure you catch Ouija in theaters today!