Lady Gaga Taking Selfies With Fans Leads This Weekend’s Star Sightings

Lady Gaga goes GLAM in London with Tony Bennett
Superstar Lady Gaga stopped to greet fans waiting outside of her London hotel on Saturday, and my oh my  did these “Little Monsters” get lucky – Mother Monster took envy-inducing #selfies with them!

It’s no question that Lady Gaga ADORES her fans as much as they love and adore her. This isn’t the first time (nor is it the last) that Lady Gaga has stopped and spent time saying hello to her fans.

Clad in a black leather coat and nearly naked underneath it, the glamorous Gaga seemed more than happy to take selfies with fans after her third London performance this week.

The star has been busy in London for the UK leg of her ArtRave tour, and recently collaborated with legend Tony Bennett on Cheek to Cheek, an amazing jazz standards album that perhaps saved the pop queen from a self-proclaimed “artistic death”. PBS aired a live performance of the duo singing select pieces from their new album on October 24th, while Gaga – looking flawless in Roberto Cavalli – and Bennett celebrated their album’s success at a viewing party in London.

Let’s not forget that just a couple days ago, Lady Gaga brought a fan on stage so he could propose to his boyfriend. Cue heartwarming meltdown; Gaga, we just love you.

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