Watch: Jim Carrey Hysterically Redux Sia’s “Chandelier” on ‘Saturday Night Live’

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Jim Carrey hosts 'Saturday Night Live'
CREDIT: Dana Edelson / NBC

Watch the return of everyone's favorite travel correspondent.
Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time this weekend and it was..a bit out there. The special Halloween episode of the sketch comedy show, which also served to promote the questionable Dumb and Dumber To, had some moments that landed and others that didn’t, and, lucky for you, we’ve put the best of them together for you all in one place!

Jim started the show with an opening monologue in the vein of a dead and very hungry Elvis. The song felt confusing and well…you can decide how it sits in your stomach.

A sketch that shouldn’t have been as funny as it was centered around a Carrey family reunion, which ended up playing host to Jim’s most famous characters. He even gets a rather on-point visit from his Dumber costar Jeff Daniels. Special mention goes out to Bobby Moynihan‘s run as the green-skinned Mask.

Something that felt straight off of Disneyland‘s iconic Haunted Mansion was a sketch set in a spooky, musically inclined graveyard. I feel like this sketch hinged more off of newcomer Pete Davidson‘s dry delivery and I’m very ok with that.

It’s finally happened! Michael Che has officially found his grove and was given the green light to be hysterical in his spot behind the Weekend Update desk.

We also got the much appreciated return of everyone’s favorite Drunk uncle.

Jim really got to shine during the “Secret Billionaire” sketch, but not nearly as much as a special little canine that came close to stealing all of the funny man’s spotlight.

It wasn’t just a big night for Jim though, as new cast member Leslie Jones was able to make her mark on a few of the nights best sketches. Her scene chomping skeptic in an episode of “Ghost Chasers” was by far the best of the night.

Saving the best for last…you’re really going to not have missed Jim Carrey recreating Sia‘s haunting music video for “Chandelier.”

In between all the funny of the night, Iggy Azalea popped in for some pretty underwhelming music numbers. She may be the realist, but we’re gonna go out on a ledge and say that someone needs a little help with her stage presence.