ICYMI: Benedict Cumberbatch Can Pronounce ‘Penguin’ Now

Naked Benedict
Benedict Cumberbatch takes it off (for a good cause).
You know that Benedict Cumberbatch penguin problem?

Yeah, it’s not a problem anymore.

Over the weekend, Benedict paid a visit to The Graham Norton Show and naturally, host Graham Norton brought up the whole penguin thing.

The only thing better than Benedict attempting to pronounce “penguin” is watching the 38-year-old actor listen to himself fail at saying “penguin.”

You really shouldn’t, but if you must skip to just the penguin bit of the interview, it’s at the 3:20 mark. (Before the penguin: Benedict talking about what Cumberbitches are called these days, the new Star Wars film and his impression of Jar Jar Binks).

His new film The Imitation Game opens in theaters Nov. 21.