Harry Shum Jr. Talks New ‘Fake Off’ Show, Dancing for Beyonce & ‘Glee’

We all know and love Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang on Glee. But, now the actor is back on TV, in a different role!

Harry’s one of the judges on the new competition show, Fake Off. We were lucky enough to ask Harry about the new show, and he gave us the inside scoop. Plus, he also talked to us about dancing for Beyonce (!!) and the final season of Glee. Will his character be returning? Read on to find out!

Celebuzz: What made you want to get involved with Fake Off?

Harry Shum Jr.: I love watching incredibly talented performers seek new ways to tell a story or entertain an audience with innovative performances. I was approached to be on the judging panel as I have a strong dance and choreography background.

Celebuzz: What is it about this show that makes it stand out from other dance competition shows?

HS: This isn’t a “dance” show but there are elements of it. What sets this show apart is seeing the art of “faking” which are illusions, tricks or fakes infused in these teams that specialize in miming, acrobats, dance, shadow puppetry, body mapping and many more.  There is something for everyone!

Celebuzz: How do you like being a judge?

HS: As an actor and a dancer, I’m being judged on a daily basis so being on the other side is exciting because I get to judge performances with a critical eye while still offering encouragement on how they could have made their performances better.  At the end of the day, it’s all subjective and that’s why we have three other judges; Chilli, Michael Curry and the studio audience.

Harry Shum Jr.

(Photos: Annette Brown/truTV)

CB: What’s harder, being a performer or being a judge?

HS: It’s hard to compare the two. I think both can be hard. As a performer, you are pouring yourself and your work out on that stage for an audience in hopes to create a positive reaction. As a judge, you are utilizing your professional experience and expertise to make the hard decision of narrowing down what you think is worthy of an amazing performance.

CB: Do you have a favorite theme that’s been performed on the show so far?

HS: The Titanic (see video below) theme blew me away. What this team did with it was so unexpected that you couldn’t help but be in awe.

CB. You’ve danced with many incredible artists like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Which artists were your favorite to work with?

HS: They were all amazing to dance for but Queen B takes the top spot.  She is the closest living icon we have to Michael Jackson.  Always innovative with her performances and her strive for perfection is infectious.

CB: You’ve had many amazing performances on Glee. Which performance is most memorable to you?

HS: Make em’ Laugh was very memorable for me. I bonded with Matt Morrison on that number as we had to keep putting on a smile take after take while we piled on the bruises and injuries throughout the number. It was amazing to have the opportunity to pay homage to the great Donald O’ Connor.

CB: Glee’s coming back for its sixth and final season. Will we get to see your character in the final episodes?

HS: Would love to come back and have a proper send off for Mike Chang.

CB: It was announced over the summer that you’re going to be in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel. What can you tell us about the movie?

HS: I just wrapped up in New Zealand after filming for 4 months. I basically got to be a super hero and live my childhood dream!  Working with our director Yuen Woo Ping (Fight Choreographer from the 1st Crouching Tiger, Matrix, Kill Bill) was an incredible experience. This film takes the first one to the next level that blends a beautiful love story with breathtaking action.  Can’t wait for everyone to see it!  I also have long hair in this film, so be excited for that too!

CB. You’re involved with so many great projects, what else do you have coming up?

HS: Outside of Fake Off I also have an independent film coming out called Revenge of the Green Dragons directed by Andrew Lau and Loo and Produced by Martin Scorcese. It comes out in theaters October 24, 2014 and available now VOD on DirecTV.

You can check out Harry on Fake Off tonight at 10/9c on truTV! Will you be watching? Sound off in the comments!