Some People Are Saying Taylor Swift Wants to Sabotage Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance

'Bad Blood'
Perry shades Swift with 'Mean Girls'-referencing tweet.
We don’t yet know which NFL teams are headed to Super Bowl XLVIV, but the nastiest battle leading up to the big game might not have anything to do with sports at all. Taylor Swift is allegedly attempting to sabotage Katy Perry’s halftime performance, which means it’s time to pick sides: #TeamTaylor or #TeamKaty?

A source tells Radar Online that Perry has asked concert tour director and production designer, Baz Halpin, who designed her Prismatic and California Dreams world tours, to design her Super Bowl stage. The problem? Halpin is also frequent collaborator of Swift’s; he designed her last two world tours too.

Swift allegedly gave Halpin an ultimatum: “[Swift] got word of Baz agreeing to do the show for Katy and Taylor’s flat out said she will not hire him ever again for any performance or tour if he goes ahead with his decision.”

So, why throw Halpin into the middle now? Given that Perry’s Super Bowl set will be one of the biggest moments of her career, perhaps Swift’s jealousy is getting the best of her.

The Swift-Perry feud began last month when Swift revealed that a song, “Bad Blood,” from her new album was was about a contentious relationship with a fellow female pop star. People were quick to point the finger at Perry, who then fanned the flames with an instantly-iconic subtweet.

Unfortunately for Swift, Halpin stands to make good money if he accepts the job and is unlikely to turn it down. “He’s working out the money details right now, but it’s obviously a huge career highlight for him and he wouldn’t pass up the chance to do it,” says Radar’s source.

The best part of this story is that Perry was apparently made aware of the ultimatum and “found it quite amusing.” As did we all, Miss Perry. As did we all.