Watch: Taylor Swift Talks ‘1989’ with Ellen DeGeneres, Secret Album Messages Revealed

Taylor Talks Boyfriends
Taylor Swift says dating is the last thing on her mind.
Today’s the day! Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, is available for purchase!

Now Swift’s appearing on a bunch of shows to promote the album. Last week, we showed you a few clips from Swift’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now, we have a new clip from the show, before it airs on TV today! In the video, Swift talks all about making her new album. Watch the video to find out what she had to say. Plus, get the details on Swift’s secret album messages below!

It takes a lot of work to create and produce an album. In the above video, Swift talks about taking two years to make 1989. She also talks to host, Ellen DeGeneres, about the secret listening sessions she had with fans!

Plus, if you’re a Swiftie, you know the 24-year-old singer puts secret messages in her album lyrics. One fan posted the secret messages on Tumblr, and now we’re going to share them with you! *SPOILERS AHEAD*


1. “Welcome to New York”

We begin our story in New York.

2. “Blank Space”

There once was a girl known by everyone and no one.

3. “Style”

Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay.

4. “Out of the Woods”

They loved each other recklessly. 

5. “All You Had to Do Was Stay”

They paid the price.

6. “Shake It Off”

She danced to forget him.

7. “I Wish You Would”

He drove past her street each night.

8. “Bad Blood”

She made friends and enemies.

9. “Wildest Dreams”

He only saw her in his dreams.

10. “How You Get the Girl”

Then one day he came back.

11. “This Love”

Timing is a funny thing.

12. “I Know Places”

And everyone was watching.

13. “Clean”

She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.

What do you think about Swift’s new album? Are you a fan of 1989? Sound off in the comments!