Amanda Bynes Still Too Ill to be Released From Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes could have walked out of the psychiatric facility she’s been staying under involuntary commitment yesterday, but she’s reportedly in such bad condition that doctors were able to extend her stay.

The shrinks who have been working with Bynes asked for a secret extension to hold the actress for another month, stating she’s still ‘very ill’ and unable to care for herself.

TMZ reports the judge granted the extension, allotting them another 30 days with Bynes.

Meanwhile, the Nickelodeon star’s parents have not yet filed for conservatoriship.  Sources tell TMZ they’ve had a change of heart after they committed Amanda as she already feels incredibly betrayed by them.

Bynes’ parents committed their 28-year-old daughter earlier this month after many acts of bizarre behavior, including a DUI, shoplifting and alleging her father sexually abused her.