Melissa Rivers Hires Lawyers, Suing Doctors For Joan Rivers’ Wrongful Death

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Melissa Rivers obtained help from a law firm on Tuesday to represent her in suing the clinic involved in Joan Rivers‘ death.

As we reported last week, a driving force for the comedienne’s daughter is to find out exactly how her mom passed away… But it must be noted that this law suit could be worth tons of money.

TMZ reports the firm working on behalf of Rivers will file suit for medical malpractice and wrongful death against the clinic where Joan stopped breathing and all the doctors who were involved in the procedure.

The site also reports that letters will be sent out today to the various people involved in the fatal medical procedure that will instruct them to NOT destroy any evidence, such as records, phone logs and other documents revolving around Joan’s surgery that day.

Meanwhile, Melissa recently inherited $110 million of her mother’s estate.  Her 13-year-old son Cooper will also get in undisclosed inheritance of his own.

Joan passed away on Sept. 4 after she stopped breathing during a minor outpatient procedure.