Watch: Woman Captures 10 Hours of Catcalls During Walk in New York City

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Street harassment is a very common thing in New York City — especially if you’re a woman.

In an effort to show what it’s like to walk around the streets of New York as a woman, Shoshana B. Roberts and her boyfriend used a hidden camera (in his backpack) to document the endless catcalls and phrases thrown at her during the 10-hour experiment.

The results are pretty unsettling.

From someone asking her to “say thank you more” to those who call her beautiful to a man who walks beside her for five minutes, the nearly two-minute video is just a sample of what Shoshana, who wore a crew neck shirt and jeans for the walk, and other women go through on a daily basis.

The video is backed by the non-profit organization Hollaback!, which seeks to end street harassment around the world.

Watch Shoshana’s brave walk, below. For more information on Hollaback! click here.

[h/t Gothamist, Laughing Squid]