Amanda Bynes’ Parents Get Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes Getting Help
She's 'disconnected from reality', parents are 'happy she's safe'
Amanda Bynes’ parents have been given a conservatorship after they told the judge how she’s been spending her money. According to the court documents, she’s been purchasing expensive jewelry and giving it away to strangers.

This information comes off the heels of yesterday’s unfortunate news that the 28-year-old was too ill to be released from psychiatric hold, and will be involuntarily held in a Pasadena psychiatric facility for another 30 days.

As first reported by TMZ, her parents were granted a conservatorship on the grounds that she’s spending “alarming amounts” of money to purchase expensive jewelry as gifts for total strangers.

Because of all these excessive gift purchases, Bynes is really making a dent into her savings. Currently, her only income is from rental property ($144,768 last year), and of her $5,747,703.36 net worth, $2.8 mil is real estate property.

In TMZ’s own words, “Amanda’s parents say the gift purchases have been ‘extensive.’ It sounds like she’s going into stores, buying stuff and just handing it out on the street.”

Bynes’ parents also cited her alarmingly erratic behavior, DUI arrest last month, bizarre and sometimes violent conduct in NYC, and shoplifting. Now with the news of her inability to be financial responsible (as well as her recent sexual abuse allegations against her father), we hope Amanda gets the help and finds the peace she needs.