Jake Gyllenhaal Gets the Crap Scared Out of Him on ‘Ellen’

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If you’re a religious viewer of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you know that Ellen DeGeneres loves to prank people.

This time her victim was Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake was a guest on her show to promote his role in the upcoming movie Nightcrawler.

During the interview, the actor explained why he chooses to play dark roles. “I have this belief that if you kinda go into the dark sometimes, it can be illuminating,” he says. “I like those characters cause they’re kind of fun to play, but I also think there’s an opportunity for…”

As went on with his explanation, a person in a creepy doll costume and scary as hell mask jumped out of the end table.

“Oh My G-d! What the fuck?” Jake screams. “Where’s that guy bring him back! Has he been in there every show I’ve come on?”

Watch Jake’s amazing reaction to the scare in the video below.