Kim Kardashian Talks Changing Up her Pregnancy Style and Kylie Jenner’s Lips

We’ve all been sitting here wondering when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will announce their second pregnancy, and it seems like we’re getting a little bit closer…

Or at least we know Kim’s been thinking about her next pregnancy because she’s already planning what she will and won’t wear!

During a chat on Tuesday with U.K. beauty blog Pixiwoo hosted by sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, she admitted she probably won’t repeat her style from her first pregnancy with North West.

“I wore my regular clothes and tried to make it—I would just buy it a size up,” she said.  “I don’t know if I would necessarily do that this time around.  I would wear…well, at the end, I really needed maternity clothes.”

She also admitted, “Pregnancy style is really hard.  I’m not going to lie.”

But one thing she definitely can control when she’s pregnant is her makeup.  She revealed that she’s always been really big into hair and makeup–preferring peachy-creamy tones for her go-to style–but it’s her sister Kylie Jenner who’s really a pro!

While everyone has been wondering whether or not she got lip injections–which Kylie is really sick of hearing about–Kim chalks it up to her amazing lip-lining skills.

“Kylie knows how to put lashes [on], and she like draws her lip like”–moving her finger around the outside of her lips–“And it looks amazing!”

She adds, “She only wears a lip liner and then she fills it in.  She doesn’t wear a lipstick or a gloss… But she’s so good, she’s so good at makeup.  Every event, she only does it herself!”

So there you have it–the trick to making your lips look fuller!

Launch the video above to hear more from Kim, including who her style icons are and what she thinks of Rihanna’s look!