‘Serena’ Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Are Crazy In Love

JLaw Promotes 'Serena'
Jennifer Lawrence steps out for 'Serena' event.
Though Serena stumbled into major obstacles when movie struggled to find a stateside distributor earlier this year, the Depression-era drama is finally seeing its U.S. trailer two years since its filming had ended.

In the new teaser, which looks a lot like the one released almost two months ago, frequent co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper team up once again as newlyweds who run a timber business in 1930s North Carolina.

Based on the Ron Rash novel of the same name, the film centers around Lawrence’s titular character and her relationship with woodsman husband. When she discovers that she is infertile and her spouse has fathered an illegitimate son, Serena’s marriage becomes highly unstable as she descends into madness.

Though the flick is headlined by an Oscar winner and an Academy Award nominee, early reviews suggest that the Susanne Bier-helmed project is a hot mess “so edited [that] it made no sense.” Oof.

Serena is scheduled to be released in on-demand form Feb. 26. The movie will theatrically debut on March 27.