Wait, What? T-Pain Can Actually Sing?

George Clooney Sings!
Clooney steps to the mic to duet with Neil Diamond.
There are some singers (and rappers–I’m talking to you Kanye) who really need that autotune to make sure they’re music sounds at least half way decent.

Oddly enough, the King of Autotune himself T-Pain is not one of them–the dude can actually sing!

What’s even weirder? He proved his singing chops while joining NPR for their “Tiny Desk Concert” this week.  So yeah, my mind is currently boggled: T-Pain can actually sing, and T. Pain on NPR… Two things I don’t think I’d ever imagine happening.

But it’s no joke.  The singer  came out to perform several of his hit songs without auto-tune and blew the crowd away.

“Thank you all for coming out,” the 29-year-old told a small crowd who was there to watch his performance on NPR.  “This is weird as hell for me. Never done anything like this. Didn’t think you guys were gonna be here, but I guess we’re doing this.”

He continued, “I know everybody’s wondering where the autotune is gonna come from. It’s OK, I got it in my pocket,” he joked. “It’s totally fine. I got it right here, surgically inserted.”

And even though they were laughing, the seriousness that was about to ensue after witnessing T-Pain sing for real was no joke–well, except for that moment he sings lines like “She make it drop then jiggle” in a gospel-like, romantic voice, then things get a little funny.

Check out his amazing voice by launching the video above!